Kingdom connect is a City Builder X Logistics X Idle Clicker game where only you can rebuild your kingdom to the sprawl across the map. During your expansion you will have to decide where to build your civilization and the optimal way to build pathways as you uncover the secrets of the map!


Good morrow me lordship! Pray I query thee to aid thy humble servent in finding a path to the Castle? 

I cant serve thee until you make a connection from my home to yee olde Saw mill. Yee can make that connection by clicking on my house and dragging to the Saw Mill. 
And remember me lord's hip, you can connect any 2 buildin's within range, but connections only go in one direction.
Then, yee Saw Mill needs connected to the road, but thy path be blocked by some stones. You can remove them by clicking on them. I ponda who could'a put em there...
And remember me lordship, you can choppeth down trees yeeself, in fact yee will most likely find more resources to expand this hovel- I mean once great kingdom 
Once we get 10 wood, we can buy another House to speed up thy production. With alot of wood coming in, we can build roads to explore into the forrest. 
Who knows what you'll find in the forest! Eveyone else that went in there has gone missing, but we'll have to if we want to expand our city back to what it was.
One last thing me lords' hip. In case you forgot how to walk, you can click and drag yeeself to any buildin/road intersection yee've made. 


Art, Design, Programming by Christopher King

Sounds/Music from Authentic Medieval Ages Audio Pack

Rated 2.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorGame Dev Goose
Made withUnity
TagsCity Builder, Idle, Pixel Art


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When you click a button to build, but change your mind and try to click another button, it builds the previous selected building under the button clicked. You should give buttons higher priority (ask if you are not sure how to do this), otherwise players end up wasting resources and placing buildings in ways that block others. Also, try to make sure it is not a "misclick"; Trying to clear some trees and stumps near the bottom buttons resulted in building and placing unwanted buildings on the bottom. :-(

Thanks for letting me know! I'm working on an updated version with alot of new content and a bunch of bug fixes so I'll be sure to add in a fix for that


The music it's so nice!!

Fun and relaxing, congratulations ^^


Is there a way to hard reset? I've just got the hang of the game so i'd like to have a go at making everything neater!

Hi! Sorry, but at the moment there is no save/reset options, you'd have to refresh the browser window to reset. I'm working on adding a way to remove buildings, and replace them without having to buy them again. I'll update it when the game jam voting is over. Thanks for playing!

I found how to reset after goofing up: Just press CTRL+F5 or maybe just F5 to treload the page.

A fun and relaxing game but why can't I deconstruct anything especially when I put my farm ON the mill and now I can't connect the houses to the mill XD. music and art are super nice and fitting, the roads also got expensive REAL quick, guess it's not for the king to use to travel.

congrats on finishing the game, it was fun :D!