Get rich quick by mining bytecoin and strategically trading it for *huge* profits!

- - - Tutorial - - - 

Welcome investor! You’ll need to start generating power if you want to get rich by investing in byte-coins!

Click the generate power button to…. you know generate power. You can use your power to mine blocks for byte-stock. The more coins you discover, the more power you need to mine the next block.  You can drag with the middle mouse button to find more blocks.

Once you have discovered a few byte coins, you can sell them on the stock market.

Don't forget to check the news. It will help you to buy and sell at the right time for maximum tendies. And don't forget, you can only buy and sell the byte-stocks that have been discovered.

If you think the stock will go down, don't be afraid to short the stock. This just means selling byte-stocks that you don't own to schmucks who will sell them back to you at a different price.

If the price you buy them back for is less than what you borrowed them for, you profit!

You can use your profits to buy power instead of generating it yourself.

I might pop in here or there to give you some insider tips. 

Good luck on your trip to the moon!

Can you make it to the moon?


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Cool concept, enjoyed the simulation

I love it, I easily played it for 10  minutes