Goal: Capture all 4 Castles

How To Play: On your turn, distribute units to create or connect settlements. Sabotage your opponent by destroying their roads with your intersecting connections.

Turn Order: 

White: Upkeep, Action Phase. Black: Upkeep, Action Phase.

Upkeep: Castles gain one unit. Each settlement sends one unit along each of its roads


Settlements have a maximum range of 4 squares

Spend 1 point to create a new settlement at an empty chunk

Spend 1 point to create a new road to an existing settlement

Pro Tip: This destroys ANY intersecting roads

If a settlement has 2+ units, they can all be sent along 

an existing road


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Cool idea, but an interactive tutorial would have been better. Plus, it´s really buggy, maybe try to fix that. Other than that pretty neat idea and good sound design. If you have the time you also could leave a rating on my game.